Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Wed 9.4.08, Afternoon

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Sharon L, Racheli B (reporting)


14:30 Huwwara

One detainee in isolation, a driver, stood somewhere that didn't suit the soldiers. Therefore he is in the cooler already for two and a half hours. A phone call to the Centre... According to David S., who contacted the commander and asked "that's how you make peace?" the commander replied: "You don't need peace." The checkpoint commander says it is forbidden to stand by the checkpoint - only below by the cars. And he is being held three hours because he did not obey. The contention that it is forbidden to detain as punishment is known to the commander, but - so what? "I'll put in another, or two, and they will learn..."

Little traffic. People say: "The soldiers now are no good."

15:40 Beit Furik Checkpoint

Ten vehicles in line to exit Nablus. A car that wants to enter has been standing for more than half an hour - a phone call to the Centre. A woman living in Beit Furik complains bitterly that her family and parents live in another village and cannot come to visit her. She mentions many people whose daughters married and live outside the village, and cannot visit their families.

A truck with an Israeli numberplate tries to enter Nablus. The soldiers send it back. The driver tells N. that he'll try to enter at another checkpoint.

A private car (Israeli plates) has been standing alongside the checkpoint for an hour. The couple borrowed the car from their brother-in-law. They are residents of Ramallah District and went for a ride for a couple of hours. Of course they didn't know that it is forbidden to enter an apartheid road. How could they know?? The soldiers stopped them, a thorough security check, and then it became clear that the vehicle license expired not long ago. The couple checked and found that it is permissible to wait up to a month or two. The soldiers were not convinced. IDs were taken from them, and they are waiting for the police, who have been summoned.

16:40 - we left, leaving a phone number for the couple.

17:00 - Za'tara Junction: 
A  taxi being checked is "suspect" so the commander claims. The passengers have stood in a group for half an hour, and in the last half hour a dog has been inspecting the taxi. Soldiers are standing facing the group with drawn weapons. 19 vehicles from the West are waiting at the junction.

19:30 - the couple from the car at Beit Furik call Racheli to update her on the fact that they were released, but the police never arrived...