Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Tue 15.4.08, Afternoon

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Simona E. (guest) Fatchia A. Yfat D.

Natanya translating.

13.56 At the Shomron checkpoint at the entrance to the occupied territories is a blue police van and a plastic checkpoint forcing cars to slow down so that the police can see the occupants of the car. We do not stop.
The car checkpoint at the entrance to Zeita is still there.
At Za'tara are 10 cars in either direction. The soldiers are having a change of shift.  Large Israeli flags above their heads.

14.23 At Huwwara the shed is full of people wanting to leave Nablus and undergoing various forms of harassment. Besides the wait in the unbearable heat they go through the x-ray device, stripping, handing in IDs, answering all kinds of questions, being sent to the x-ray machine and in the end chased away while waiting for their friends.

The soldiers try to drive us away but the commander explains and does not allow them to do so. "Now the briaged commander has also become a leftist" one of the soldiers says in anger.

Drivers have to stop and all get out. The driver goes to the soldiers with the IDs and the others are sent to the x-ray machines.  Then the driver alone gets back into the car and goes towards the soldiers. Sometimes the dog trainer decided to make a search and with various sounds calls the dog to do so. This takes some minutes and only after that people can get back into the cars.

A driver who is detained because the soldier says he drove on the apartheid road which is meant mainly for the settlers and the driver says he came there from Huwwara and the soldier is wrong. But the driver is the judge and the driver is punished and detained. One of the soldier shouts in a loud and mocking voice to the men asking them why they are standing and looking at her. This is because one of them did not understand her hand movement. "Yalla Yalle she says to someone trying to gather his belonging "Get the hell out of here." Etc.  The DCO representative says she wants to be moved to another position and this is her way of trying to bring this about.

About 15.15 a man is sent to the pit for no reason.
At 15.45 another man is detained. He had tried to pass in the humanitarian line because he is sick....and he looks so... and so he is being punished.  They say this is not the first time he has done so and they do not accept the fact that this is not a short illness. A man stops next to us and says that the soldiers have taken from him a car ring with the Palestinian flag on it. He asks if he should insist that this be returned to him but decides not to wait. The soldier says he only looked at the key ring but did not take it.

At 16.20 An hour and 29 minutes after being detained the driver is freed.

At Beit Furik are few people.

18.25 10 cars at the entrance to Beita and border police block the road.  It seems that three days ago a dirt barricade was put of here and now they have been told to take it down. One soldier says "Olmert told me to close so I did so and now he says to take it down and I do so.  We are sure that this is one of the blockages which will be marked down as "alleviating" the position of the Palestinians.

2 men in the isolation at Huwwarra.

The soldiers are leading a handcuffed man at the Shomron checkpoint.