Reihan, Shaked, Sun 4.5.08, Morning

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Havi G. and Hanna H. (reporting)

Translation: Devorah K.

06:00 - 08:00
06:00 Reihan CP (upper parking lot and upper entrance to the terminal)
The CP opened half an hour ago, at 05:30, but until now only a very few people have come out and they complain that there is a long queue in front of the new x-ray machine. The first two seamstresses come out only at 06:10. According to the testimony of those coming out there are a few stops they have to make in order to get through the passage and in front of each of these places there is a separate long queue (about 15 minutes of waiting): 1 - the main gate; 2 - the gate to the terminal, 3 - first turnstile; 4 - the machine; 5 - second turnstile; 6 - the exit post, and today two such posts are manned.
By 06:30 about 60 people came out while, according to Sharon, the person in charge of the CP, 250 people should be able to come out in an hour.
One man tells us that last month he broke a leg going through the turnstile and he lost more than a month's work. We have to ask: Is there insurance for the people going through the CP?
Last week there was a general closureinfo-icon from Wednesday to Friday; the passage to the seamline zone was also closed. The reason for the closure is unknown. The workers complain that no notice of closures is made in advance - only on the morning of the closure after they have made the trek to the CP.

06:30 - Lower parking lot near the entrance to the CP
25 people are waiting near the gate which is closed and the queue is getting longer and longer. At the entrance to the terminal inside the CP compound, there are more people waiting and from time to time we hear shouting from inside the terminal.
At 6:55 people begin to go inside - 12 of them, and at 7:10, and another 12, but the queue outside does not get shorter.
A merchant gives up on the effort to go out to work, comes out of the terminal and tells us that inside there is still a queue of 60 people. We phoned Sharon to find out what was happening and why. But he was not in around and did not know what was going on. He promised to come down to check. Those who came out of the CP 30 minutes later told us that he still had not arrived, and there was indeed no change for the better in the number of people coming out of the terminal.  At the main gate, people were now entering at a slightly faster pace. The people also told us that when Sharon was there, the passage was quicker.
Cars to the seamline zone with passengers are inspected as usual - in fours. Ten pickup trucks with goods have been waiting for inspection since 7:00. A number of workers going from the seamline zone to the West Bank is still small. The workers from the rug factory went out to work from the upper parking lot only at 7:15. That is to say, an hour and three quarters after the opening of the CP.

Shaked CP - 7:45
The last of the farmers are going through to the seamline zone. People going to the West Bank are allowed through only after the pupils and the farmers. One taxi with students on the way to Jenin was delayed at the CP until now, and considering that there are additional CPs awaiting them they will be late to their classes today.