Beit Iba, Mon 5.5.08, Morning

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Roni S., Frances T. reporting

07.20 Beit Iba

On the way we stop at Shavei Shomron to see if there is any activity with settlers going to Homesh but fail to see anyone.  The gate is locked as usual.

Arriving at Beit Iba the checkpost is empty of cars crossing.  There are about 30 people in line to exit.  Checks on vehicles are quick – about 1 minute per car exiting.

There are 3 detaineesinfo-icon in the "jora".  The officer in charge is very energetic and has detained a doctor who does not have a permit for his car.  After about an hour in detention the officer releases him after giving him a lecture and he has to go back.  A taxi driver is detained for causing a "balagan" with his vehicle.
We advise the officer in charge that there is no humanitarian queue and women are made to stand in line with babies and young children.  The officer finally relents and a separate line is created. 
We sense a tense atmosphere, confirmed by the liaison officer.  People are nervous  and agitated and the situation could easily ignite. 

09.40 We leave.  The parting comment of the officer in charge is:"It is my job to make things difficult for them (the Palestinians)."