'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Wed 23.4.08, Afternoon

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Tammi, Micky, and Daliah, Translator: Orna B.

16:50 Anabta
A new red sign is posted at the entrance: STOP (I added it to my collection of signs).
Traffic is flowing. The blue police is checking the Israeli cars, perhaps against thefts.
We have no reason to remain here, and we carry on to Jubara.
17:00 At the Figs Gate they allow us to pass through the settlors' queue, and open the gate to Jubara for us.
At the Children's Gate, two illegals are waiting to be allowed to
return home. They have been waiting for an hour. The soldiers are in no
hurry. We carry on to Ar-ras. There we can talk to the commander and ask
him to let them go.
17:05 Ar-ras
We wish to speak to the commander (an Ethiopian), but he instructs
us to go back to our car where he would talk to us. We refuse and
insist on talking to him there and then. We tell him of the delayed
illegals and he says he will let them go.
But there is another problem: next to the checkpoint's observation
tower a cab is delayed. The driver is angry and asks us to intervene
on his behalf. Tammi begins to talk to the commander, (who as mentioned
before, is not very keen to talk with us,) and then the driver butts in
and interferes and that gives the commander an excuse to walk away. It
appears that not only they have taken the driver's papers away, they
have also confiscated his car keys.
We call the operations commander and complain about this. She
immediately instructs the checkpoint commander to return the keys to
the driver and let him go. And the guy goes on his way.
A new trouble is plaguing us, in addition to the terrible heat - midges. Tiny little flies that enter eyes, ears and nose.
Since we had no reason to remain there, we escaped and left behind us the disappointed midges.
On our way we met the two illegals who had been released following our request.
17:20  Back to the Children' Gate. 8 workers return from work, but they are only inspected and not detained, because they have the right permits.
We carry on  back to Jubara. The soldier from the Figs' Gate comes
towards us and opens the gate. There are no cars at the checkpoint,
since today there is a closureinfo-icon.
17:30 We leave Jubara.