'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Azzun, Eyal, Jit, Qalqiliya, Wed 9.4.08, Morning

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Rina Ts., Inbal R. (reporting) Translation: Galia S.


The easement of checks at the checkpoints is discernible. Both exits from the town of Azzun to the main road are still blocked. A woman settler is observed at Shvut Ami outpost, which has been evacuated several times in the last months.

Eyal 07:00
The place is a passage of workers to Israel. The question how it has been today is answered by "OK". No complaints.

Ar-Ras 07:30
 The traffic is extremely thin. Every few minutes a car passes. The soldiers don't check documents, passengers are not taken out of the car and the trunk is not searched. The soldiers just peek at the passengers asking 'where to' and the Palestinians answer 'to work' and leave.

Anabta 08:15

The same situation is here. No lines. Superficial checks.

Driving along road 55

10:00 – At Jit junction there are no soldiers.

Shvut Ami – A single shot is heard in the Wadi. A herd of goats flee the place. On the hill a woman settler is seen running near the pink house.

Al Funduq
A taxi is coming from the direction of Hajja, which means that the road is probably not blocked.

The village of Laqif – No blockade.

Azzun –

The main exit (the square) is blocked. Another blockade has been observed on the inner road between Izbet Tabib and Azzun.

Qalqiliya 10:30

The soldiers are civil and efficient. The traffic is streaming except for trucks with Israeli licence plates that need special permits. A woman driver of a car that has no permit has been arguing with the soldiers for a long time. They respond decisively yet patiently and suggest alternatives. At the same time, they open an additional lane in order not to delay the traffic. A rare sight.