'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jit, Jubara (Kafriat), Mon 12.5.08, Morning

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Osnat R Nina S., Natanya translating

Qalqiliya. Few cars at the exit and the passage is swift though
sometimes a car is sent to the side for IDs to be checked and then soon
freed. People said that the main pressure was from 8-9 when people are
going work and then there is a traffic jam. The crossroads of Jit are

Anabta. At Beit Iba we are told that there are enormous lines and when
we got there there were 25 cars which took about 7 minutes to pass and
the soldiers do their work quickly. They said that in the morning
there was a traffic jam but now things were better. They were happy to
tell us that the blockage at Asira had been lift and they could go
freely from there to Nablus but all the same they did not know how long
the way would be. Also at Beidan at last the passage is open.

A-Ras. 8-9 cars and this is something which does not happen often here.
There is a dogtrainer and this slows things down. When we were there
the passage was fairly swift. The soldiers at the checkpoint asked us
to take their phone number and that when we went through we should
phone them when we returned so that they could open the gate for us.