Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Wed 27.2.08, Afternoon

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Tzipi Z, Michal S (reporting)
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

Meitar Crossing (Sansana)
At 12:40 the place is empty. So it is at 14:40 on our way back.
Route 60
Small children returning from school, walking on the side of the road.
13:00 Dura - Al Fawwar - Soldiers standing at entrance to Dura, and Israeli vehicles entering and leaving without inspection. The soldiers say that there is a sign "No Entry For Soldiers" at the entrance to the village. The entrance is on the responsibility of the soldiers, but it is not their duty to prevent it.
Two yong men in an Israeli vehicle with green IDs, from Yatta, are detained. The soldiers are checking with the police, and after 20 minutes delay they are released.
The soldiers are not checking ID cards (apart from the passengers of one taxi whose IDs were taken from them before we arrived, and returned after a few minutes). We asked the passengers the reason for the delay, and their response was: "Just like that. No reason."
 Sheep Junction – no army.
Route 35
In East Halhul the pillbox was manned, but no army on the road.
Route 317, Route 365
13:55 – Zif Junction: a military jeep "demonstrating presence" (the soldiers didn’t get out of the vehicle). After quarter of an hour the jeep left. A Palestinian from the area said that every half hour the jeep makes a patrol and then returns, and in the morning hours (05:30 - 06:30) the soldiers stand and stop people.
At the entrance to Yatta, from 365, a military jeep stands.