Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Wed 7.5.08, Morning

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Nomi L., Hanna A. (reporting)

 Translation: Hanna K.

It is the morning of the 60 Independence Day of the State of Israel, and the Checkpoints in the depth of the West Bank are gloriously standing there.

A motor-pool of heavy vehicles is waiting for the beginning of the work on the widening of the road in the Ariel area, and on the deserted house, adjacent to the road, a bit to the west of Marda, a poster is displayed (one of the many which are hung throughout the Territories) "Jewish Independence in Homesh".
The settlement of Homesh is authorized and safeguarded, thus the celebrating people are assured.

06:40 - Za'tara

There are no vehicles from the west.

In the parking lot there is a bus. When it begins moving the driver says "only now I've left Huwwara, and only buses  are detained".

The post on the square in the middle of the crossroads is manned, aswell as the one adjacent to the hitch-hiking station, in the direction of the Jordan Valley.

06:52 - There is a hummer opposite Beita

07:03 - Huwwara

The three posts are manned.

While we stand near the turnstiles a man who left the queue approaches, and begs us to help a young woman who stands near the humanitarian queue. She forgot to bring her ID card and they don't let her pass. He is still talking when the young woman continues walking. A soldier begins shouting at her to stop, and she continues walking. He runs to the parking lot and continues calling to her. We follow. It seems to us that she got lost in the crowd. The soldier identified the taxi into which she entered. Near the taxi a crowd gathered. There are more soldiers. One of the soldiers pushes one of the by-standers. The man tells the soldier not to push. The soldiers, amongst which is the CP commander, insist that she should accompany them. With tears in her eyes she follows them. Her girl-friends wait for her. It turns out that she is a teacher at Huwwara, that she passes the CP every day and that today she forgot theID card. In the end the soldiers verified her identity and enabled her to proceed to her work.

In the background one hears shouts of women-soldiers from one station to another and to the other soldiers who are with them.

At this hour most of the traffic is into Nablus.

07:37 - There is a hummer opposite Yitamar.

07:40 - Beit Furik

4 cars are waiting in the queue. We measured 6 minutes from the moment a car arrives until it passes the CP.

We left at 08:11. The armored personnel carrier left Yitamar.

09:03 - Za'tara

There are 7 cars coming from the north.
One of the volunteers from EAPPI contacted us and  said that they are at Huwwara and witnessed how a detainee was put into the checking cell. They don't have his details. When they shall leave Nablus they will check whether he is still detained.