'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), יום ה' 15.5.08, אחה"צ

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Navah M, Sarah K., Translator: Orna B

Anabta 15:20
Contrary to a report we have had about long queues at Anabta,
there were not many vehicles waiting when we got there - about 8 at the
exit from Tulkarm and fewer at the entrance.
Several vehicles are inspected thoroughly while others are let
though without inspection. It seems that inspection is at random and
A thorough inspection causes the lengthening of the queue., but
immediately after it the inspection is hasty and shortens the queue
We leave after half an hour.
Jubara 16:00
We ask the soldiers to open the gate for us so that we can enter Jubara. The answer is: "there is no key, we lost it".
We called Tammi to find out what was happenning. After a short
clarification with opertations command, we were told that the key was
being searced for. A few minutes late we see the checkpoint commander
approach the gate with a bunch of keys and tries to see if a key fits.
He returns to his post saying nothing to us.
A further clarification with operations command reveals that the
key is still missing and that the minute it is found they will let us
Eventually after 20 minutes the gate was opened and we could enter Jubara.
17:10 A-ras
There is a long queue of about 25 vehicles at the exit from
Tulkarm. Inspections are very slow. Every ID card is checked and every
car inspected. There is a feeling of inspection in slow motion.
Vehicles entering Tulkarm are generally not inspected but occasionally the soldiers stop a vehicle and inspect it.
Pedestrians leaving Jubara are inspected at random. In one case a
soldier does not let a youngster go through. After a few minutes of
negociations they let him through.
A car with 4 youths is delayed. ID cards are taken for inspection,
and car keys too so that they do not flee from the area. Only after
half an hour the inspection of the papers is over and the soldiers
return their papers and car keys.
A lorry laden with goods is not allowed through and is sent back
to Tulkarm. There is probably a ban on transferring goods though this
Because of the particularly slow inspections, there is a
permanently long queue at the exit from Tulkarm. The number of waiting
vehicles is never less than 15.
18:00 We leave the place.