Reihan, Shaked, Sun 25.5.08, Morning

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Yocheved J and Hanna H. (reporting)

Translation: Devorah K.

06:05 Reihan CP

The CP was opened at 05:45 and about twenty people have already come out to the upper parking lot. The pace is about 24 people in ten minutes (i.e., 144 per hour instead of 250 as was promised). Many people are standing in front of the main gate in the lower parking lot and there is a crowd at the entrance to the terminal. Inside the terminal the women and the men are standing in a single queue in front of the machine. The operation of the machine has not changed the pace of the transit, but it has changed the way things proceed inside the CP.
06:25 - There are shouts from the terminal and only one window is working at the exit, but that is not the only reason for the delay. All those who emerge from the terminal complain about the long queue in front of the machine and especially about the way the CP workers are treating them this morning. Their attitude is insulting and humiliating. One of the workers talked on the phone and stopped the queue completely while he talked. From time to time, when those going through apparently step over a white line, they are pushed back (onto the women) and the operation of the machine is stopped. One of those going through told us that after such treatment, they leave "embittered and united".
06:35 - Things have calmed down in the terminal but the pace has not changed. When we suggested to those going through that they should ask for their employers to intervene, they told us that the employers propose that they go through the Taibe CP instead of the one at Reihan.
06:40 - Just outside the main lower gate, there are still many people waiting. About ten people are also waiting at the entrance to the terminal building. Again, there is yelling inside the terminal. A resident of Daher el-Malek, who bought a new car and who, in principle, can go through with the car at the Shaked CP, tells us that he has already appealed to the DCO several times asking for a new vehicle permit, but he is given the runaround and keeps being told to come "tomorrow". 
06:50 - 14 pickup trucks with goods are waiting in the lower parking lot.

07:05  Shaked CP
The CP was opened before 07:00 and the young pupils have already gone through. The workers going through from the West Bank to the seamline zone also go through quickly and they praise the soldiers. Going through takes a minute or two. The older pupils are already on their way to their examinations, and students who are also on their way to the West Bank go through quickly. Cars go through in both directions. The passage takes three minutes; and the herds of sheep also go through quickly.
At 07:35 all those waiting have already completed the passage to the seamline zone.

07:50  Reihan CP
All the workers have gone through to their work places and the CP is calm.
Five pickup trucks entered the closed compound for inspection at 07:00 and left for Barta'a at 08:30. Passenger cars are inspected at the vehicle CP in groups of four - 15 to 20 minutes for each group. Only a few people go through from the seamline zone to the West Bank - some of them go through the vehicle CP in the cars.