Al Nashshash, Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Mon 2.6.08, Morning

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Idit S., Ada G. (reporting)


06:45, Checkpoint 300: A very large number of people, only four inspection positions in operation.   After we phoned to the Humanitarian office two more positions were opened and the pressure abated somewhat.   People complained about the pressure and about the long hours they had been waiting : from five in the morning until they came out at seven.   A female soldier in one of the inspection positions constantly stopped the inspections and tried to make order in the queue. This is “mission impossible” and each such a halt just increased the pressure. 

07:30, Chusan


07:45, Al Nashshash


08:00 – 08:30, Beit Omer: Several Palestinians consult us about various problems which are known to us.


08:45, Beit Anoun: Three jeeps are standing on both sides of the road. The Palestinians say that the soldiers stop, check and sometimes hold-up for a long time the people passing by.   According to them, children on their way to school are also held-up. Crossing the road is extremely dangerous for them.


09:45, Etzion DCL: There are about fifteen cars in the parking lot although there are only about ten people inside waiting for magnetic cards. According to them, they have to come to the DCL after two years for their card to be examined. The renewal costs 40 shekels, but sometimes they are told that the card is damaged and that they must apply for a new one, which cost 90 shekels. Therefore, their total “investment” is 130 shekels – a not inconsiderable sum for someone who often is out of work and short of money.