Bethlehem, Tue 10.6.08, Morning

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Ruth E., Rama Y. (reporting)

06:30, Bethlehem CP: Five checking booths were functioning. The lines were very crowded. When we arrived, one checking post was closed temporarily, for “educational” reasons -- people in line didn’t behave themselves. “We have to teach them to stand properly in line,” said a Border Policeman standing near by. He was serious. The people stood there squeezed against each other, humiliated and anxious just to get out and not miss their transportations. Crowding was such that they could not move in any direction. So checking resumed, though the line still didn’t answer the strict Israeli standards.


Outside, a man told me that while standing in line he had seen several friends of his going back home after having missed their transportation – another lost a working day.


Pressure alleviated at around 07:15.