Awarta, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Mon 19.5.08, Afternoon

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Ziona S. Noa P. (reporting)

Natanya translating.

13.50 Za'tara. 
No cars and no detaineesinfo-icon.  18 cars in either direction. Next to the village of Huwwara is a police jeep with the 4 doors open but we do not see the police and when we come back it is gone.

14.00 Huwwara.
When we arrive there are two people in the isolation, an elderly man and one younger.  A lawyer well dressed with a tie.  The elder man has been there half an hour and the younger about 15 minutes. T. of the DCO speaks on the phone with the Israeli  lawyer of one of the men and explains to him why they have been detained. Their ID number has come up in the list of wanted men. E., the commander, comes up to greet us  and says that he has just received confirmation that they are to be freed. Ziona asks if there  is no other place to detain them....why  in the isolation and the reply is "Isolation? Where do you see isolation cell?"

A bus with students which wishes to enter Nablus is detained and then sent on its way after the IDs of those accompanying have been checked.
There is no dog trainer & dogs.  4 soldiers check one car. 3 checking post and the shed is filled to the brim.
A young man says he has been there two hours and this is the way it is with each checkpoint. He is married, 35 years of age and has children. Why can he not pass in the fast line.  Others say they have been there half an hour.

A man comes up to us  and says he is from Burin where he has land and on last Monday, settlers attacked his workers and burnt his field. The DCO did not help him and he asks our help. His name is H. M. but when I asked for his phone number so as to connect him with those who could help him he said he could not remember it.  That he will give it to us when next he sees us. T. from the DCO explains to him where he should go to complain and he thanks us and leave.

15.00 Beit Furik. 
20 people waiting. Cars are checked at the rate of one minute each. There are no cars in the car park. The soldiers of course want to send us away at once and we move so as not to bring about a stoppage of life.

15.30 Awarta. No cars and the checkpoint is quiet.

15.35 Huwwara.  Routine and quiet.

16.10 Za'tara 10 cars from the north.