Reihan, Sat 21.6.08, Morning

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Shula N., Noa L. (reporting)
Translation: Devorah K.

Shaked CP   0700 - 0730
There is lively traffic in both directions - pedestrians, cars and a herd of goats. Those going through tell us about the especially meticulous inspection today; new soldiers and new lists. But all told, the passage is quick - about 10 minutes - and there are no long queues.

Reihan CP  0740 - 0850
The CP is very crowded in all directions. There are many pedestrians and cars. Those leaving for the seamline zone tell us that the CO opened this morning at 07:15 instead of at 07:00, and there are people who have been waiting since 06:00 and even earlier. There are delays of about an hour or two, and even more.
When we arrived,  there was only one window open; we asked for the person in charge of the place and he arrived with a worker who opened an additional window. The flow of those going through grew but still there are many inside. On the other side, there are people waiting to enter the terminal from the direction of the West Bank. About fifty people are standing in the heavy heat and more people join them all the time. It is a sight that is very rare on Saturdays. At the same time, the queue of cars waiting to enter for inspection grew from 8 to 12, and throughtou the time that we stayed there not a single car was admitted for inspection. We also saw that the white tent that provided shade for the four cars which are inspected at the same time has disappeared. We located the person in charge, and according to him, inspection of vehicles is now done inside the compound (invisible to us) where there is shade. At the moment [he says]  as many as five cars are being inspected and they are doing their best. We asked him to take note of the tremendous queue outside the terminal, and the fact is that there was some slight improvement in wait time for entrance. When we had to leave (for personal reasons), about 20 people were still waiting outside the terminal and the car queue was even longer.

Conditions today were unreasonable by comparison with other Saturdays and insufferable in light of the extreme heat. In the upper parking lot, two lavatory cells are open; they are fairly clean.