'Anin, Reihan, Thu 26.6.08, Morning

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Sima S, Leah R (reporting))

06:50 Aanin Checkpoint

Soldiers organising to open the gate. Transit is slow and stops occasionally until everyone backs off. People are pressured; many of them, though they come early, don’t succeed in passing quickly.

At our request, reinforcements are sent. Five soldiers arrive and succeed in restoring order. The transit is depressingly slow. Seven soldiers shouting "back up" and not even one checking.

We leave at 07:30 and 30 men are still waiting.

All the time we were there, a Hummer stood by its engine working.

07:45 Reihan-Bartaa Checkpoint

A lot of people on the outer Palestinian side of the checkpoint waiting to enter the terminal, and more are arriving. The problem has become permanent – the x-ray machine has broken down. "Sensitive to the heat," they tell us, "nothing can be done," "it’s in process," "that’s how it is at the airport terminal."

The drivers wanting to cross into the Seam Zone also have to wait a long time.

09:00 – we leave.