Huwwara, Wed 4.6.08, Afternoon

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Shalva C., Sharon L. (reporting)

Translation: Tal H. 


14:07 - Huwwara Checkpoint

A taxi driver says he's been detained for three hours. The reason - having parked his taxi where he was not allowed. The checkpoint commander E. claims this jeopardizes the soldiers. He said he would release him at 15:30.

Two active checking posts, few pedestrians.

A sergeant popped up from nowhere, turned to us in a revolting manner and ordered us away from the checkpoint. "This is a sterileinfo-icon place", meaning the spot where we always stand.
Shalva replied, "Let the officer tell us to leave". He said the officer isn't the one in charge, and concluded with "Get the hell out of here..." He was also very offended because his "polite" request amused me. Some minutes later he turned to us again and said, gruffly: "You're still here??!" I said we always stand here. Shalva said we're not going anywhere and if he wants to summon police, "We have a right to stand here and you have a right to summon the police".
Then he gave up and said he did not mean to summon the police and that this could be resolved differently... Finally one of the soldiers gripped his shoulder and moved him away.

Eventually Shalva approached the CP commander E. to remind him of the detainee and to say goodbye. She asked him about the person who had questioned his authority. E. explained that person was merely someone who was there to repair the turnstile.
Apparently anyone in uniform thinks he can order us around as if we were his subordinates.

Due to personal constraints, our vigil was especially short.