'Anabta, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Mon 23.6.08, Afternoon

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Bilha A. Tamara H. (reporting) Translation: Netta S.

Jubara – 13:50-
The gate was opened by a friendly reservist who was interested what exactly Machsomwatch is. He also asked us if we were afraid.
Gate 753- 13:55- We stopped by the sign and continued to Ar-Ras. A group of bald reservists with expensive sunglasses are welcoming us, not pleasantly. We asked them what is going on and got the response- who are you and why should we give you a report on what is going on we are just doing our job here. Three soldiers with drawn weapons are standing in the check stance- the cars cross quickly without any delays. We left at 14:10.

Anabta- 14:25-
Two patrol vehicles- one of them is a DIFS and it is checking a car that appears to be stolen. 15-20 cars are waiting in the checkpoint; they cross quickly except from a car that arrived from Qalqiliya and got stuck 20 meters before the checkpoint. A soldier is yelling at the driver to move the car 100 meters forward- he is concerned and wants the driver to stand in the shade and not in sun. We found a brochure that women in blue gave to the soldiers. The soldiers got rid of the brochures after reading them and absorbing the information. The contents of the brochure will be sent separately By Yona.

Zofin- Entrance to Qalqiliya
A long line is dragged both ways. We approached the checkpoint and we met a reservist who introduced himself, he claimed that he is a leftist and that he used to serve as a combat soldier in Hebron. He told us about his experience with Macsomwatch Volunteers. He asked for more information and we gave him our website. An angry driver came to the checkpoint; he had to go back because he didn’t have ownership on the car only a receipt on the insurance payment. He claimed that the car is new; he was from Jaljuliya and had a sick mom in Qalqiliya. He was very angry but nothing helped.
The line got longer and the cars started honking. The drivers were very patient- the examination is not thorough; the soldiers were speaking to the drivers, approximately 2 minutes per car. We left at 17:45.