Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Sun 15.6.08, Morning

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Elana (reporting) and Paula (photographing)

5:30- 9:00


About 300 workers were standing in line. No movement was observed as we arrived.. A call to Shlomi was followed by the line beginning to move as more and nore workers arrived. By twenty to seven there were only a few left on the Palestinian side. The Palestininas were certain our presence had helped. Shlomi said some 1200 had passed through


Route 60

Roadblocks –3 new, many old and one removed: The turn off route 60 to Samoa  has again been  blocked . A new roadblock of rocks has been placed on the road up to the settlement Othniel.

The ascent to Karameh  has been blocked

The entrance to Dir el Razik has been opened. We saw no other sign that the army had removed any roadblocks as promised

Zif junc.: open as usual

Shiyukh- Hebron: 5 detaineesinfo-icon were observed standing in a line with their backs to the road. As we arrived one was released.  The BP officer T.A. [not for the web: Tamir Ashush  6168750] said that they themselves had chosen to stand with their backs to the road. I walked over to ask them how long they had already been detained (T.A had said it had only been for 5 minutes ) T.A followed me and told me that I was “interrupting his work” that -“they were HIS detainees” and “therefore  I was not to speak to them”.I asked him in what way was I interrupting his work but did not insist lest the detainees, who looked a little frightened, would be made to suffer  He demanded to see our IDs and wrote down the particulars. Meanwhile two more young men had been detained.  About ten minutes later the first four were released and within a few minutes the other two were also released. T.A  and his jeep remained at the crossing but  it left  soon after us and we saw it next at the Humanitarian Gate, where there was no traffic of any kind.

A man asked us to find out the amount a friend had to pay in traffic fines in Israel –he was unable to enter Israel to find out himself


No detainees were observed

The Pharmacy CP is now marked as number 404.

No raucous music from the loudspeakers on the Gutnik bar near the Patriarchs’ cave

The shops opposite the Gutnik bar were shut – it was still early (7:30)