'Azzun 'Atma, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 5.6.08, Afternoon

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Avital Canani, Hagar Lipkin.

Natanya translating.

On the way to Ariel we see olive groves destroyed so as to make a new road.

At the western entrance to Marda is a hole in the fence which includes dirt mounds which have been removed and an orderly gap higher up behind the fence. It seems that this has been done to prove that the road is for the benefit of the Palestinians  and has been done by the army

The entrance to Jamaiem is still blocked.

At  the ZA'tara/Tapuach junction - 
8 cars from the north. 

Huwwara CP
At the exit of Nablus are 40-50 people and a wait of about 15 minutes. There is no checking of goods. An ambulance passes into Nablus with no problems. No detaineesinfo-icon.

15.45 Beit Furik. - 10 Cars exiting slowly.

At the entrance to Nablus a bus and a taxi are detained and there are 7 cars.

At Osrin the two roads are closed.

At Akraba the road is closed.

The agricultural roads from the crossroads of Za'tara to Migdal Ben Fardal is still closed.

At the Shomron checkpoint an Israeli who transported illegal workers to the area of the Palestinian Authority and came back empty is handcuffed and detained. We intervened and he was freed from the handcuffs but still detained.

17.30 Azzun Etma ...7 cars. While we were there the people waited for the slow check of their IDs. The waiting area has a barbed wire fence around it. 
Two workers who have permits for Israel are not allowed through this checkpoint and are sent to Ayal CP. The centre refuses to intervene. The female commander allows them through there.