'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Azzun, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Wed 18.6.08, Morning

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Nati A , Rina Z (reporting) Translation: Netta S.

Once again they are trying to tire us so we would give up entering Jubara, this time we are stalled at the exit. All of the checkpoints have no traffic, not by car and not by foot.
Qalqiliya checkpoint – 06:55- Tens of workers which are working in Alfei-Menashe are standing behind the fence and waiting to be examined. One of them is organizing the line. Today there are no special complaints.
Qalqiliya checkpoint-07:00- No lines, we were not delayed.

Azzun- The main entrance is open.

Anabta- 09:25-(on the way back from Beit-Iba)
There are short lines on both ways. The pace of examinations from TulKarm is identical to the pace of cars' arrival so there are always 5-8 cars waiting in line. Usually the examination lasts less than a minute. From the other direction there are no examinations. When we were leaving we saw a taxi that was stalled for an ID check. A tractor was flattening the field behind the checkpoint.                     
Safarin- The blocking of the road leading to the village was removed. Even so cars are not exiting the village to road no. 577. Hagar says that since entering TulKarm is possible only through Anabta, it's better for them to drive through Beit-Leed.

Jubara- 09:45- A new excuse was found today in order to prevent us from entering the village. The checkpoint commander says that there is a military activity in the village and that it would end in 20-30 minutes. We decided to wait. We saw an Israeli vehicle bringing 10 illegals from Israel. The Palestinians were released but the Israeli driver (Israeli Arab) was taken with his vehicle to the police station. Nadim says that if it's the first time the vehicle will be confiscated for a month, if it happened more then just once, then no one knows for how long.
After 5 minutes the checkpoint commander came and opened us the gate, but he took revenge at the exit. We stood there for 15 minutes, honking, waving nothing helped. They were standing outside the pavilion so they could definitely see us. We went to Abu-Hatem, we should have escaped the welcome, we even wanted to cross the fence but we feared that it would hurt the host.
Inside the village we were not surprised to find out that there was no military activity. Two illegals were walking pleasantly towards the children gate.  They were not stalled and we saw them walking towards A-Ras checkpoint.

Gate 753- 3 soldiers one of them from the military police.

A-Ras- 09:55-10:05- Most of the time there are no cars. A taxi arrives from TulKarm. The soldier is speaking with the driver for a long time. Meanwhile 3 cars are waiting in the checkpoint, 2 of them to Jubara.  The soldier in the "tower" was happy to talk to us.