'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Eyal, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Mon 26.5.08, Morning

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Observers: Nina S., Osnat R. (reporter); Translator: Orna B
07:00 Qalqiliya
Very quiet. A soldier at the checkpoint advised us to arrive at 8-9 since the queues are vre very long then.
We continued to Eyal Passage via Tzoofin Checkpoint.
07:20 Eyal Passage
It is relatively late for workmen to be going through. At the parking lot there are still some workmen. We walked around the installation to see the entrance point of the workmen and indeed there were no workmen waiting. There is slow drip drip of workmen who take a few minutes to go through the installation, by our invitation. 4 workmen are waiting for the office next to the installation to open, since there was no match between their handprint and the magnetic card (the DCO).
07:30 On the way back to Qalqiliya - there are no queues.
07:35 Azzun
A borderguard vehicle is at the entrance to the blocked village. 7 detaineesinfo-icon are waiting aside. The boderguard soldiers told us that they were checking both those who enter and those who exit. It means that actually pedestrians are let through, and since the adults can climb over the earth mounds, persumably children who want to throw stones can do it too quite easily.
07:45 They release the detainees. A woman from Alphei Menashe had been waiting for one of the detainees in order to drive him to her clothes workshop in the village of Lakia. "They do not know where and whom to inspect" she complains about the policemen.
07:55 Jit Junction
No queues.
10:05 Anabta
There are vehicles at the exit. Hardly any inspections. Mainly questions "Where are you travelling to?" "Going to Ramalla?" "Are you travelling together?" What have you got behind there?"... All this dialogue in a dry tone of voice, and then uttering "Move on" .
They take ID cards from passengers of a cab and ask the driver to wait aside. When the checkpoint commander gets back with the ID cards he does not go back to the cab to return them, but goes to the check post and does not even bother to call the driver who has to guess whether or not he can approach to collect the ID cards.
It takes about 5 minutes for 10 cars to go through.
10:40 Jubara
A group of young illegals is waiting. There is a vehicle loaded with aluminum containers destined for chicken coops. They do not let the vehicle through. According to the A-ras checkpoint commander's explanation all commercial goods, even for the village grocers, requires a permit.
10:50 A-ras
No queues.