Beit Iba, יום ד' 18.6.08, אחה"צ

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Sarah P. Tammie C.
  Natanya translating.

 Beit Iba
15.15. There are no cars leaving Nablus and only 8 going in. All the turnstiles were working and the shed was not full: usually about 40 people were inside and each were checked in 10-15 minutes. The usual routine of taking off shoes, belts, etc.  and of course then one has to dress again while walking. Some smiling, some cursing.Tomer of the DCO is a great help going from place to place to help with problems, asking questions, A small van arrives with passengers but one is young and has to get out to be checked at the turnstile and then will have to take another taxi. The soldiers complain that since there has been an alleviation they have to work more hours but we did not know what alleviations they were speaking about.

16.30 We left