Reihan, Shaked, Sun 6.7.08, Morning

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Yocheved J. and Hannah H. (reporting)
Translation: Devorah K.

Reihan CP  - 05:55
The CP opened at five and all the people were put into the inspection rooms at the sides because the machine is out of order again.
Some of the people have already left the CP. A few among them complain that due to health problems (back and kidneys), they find it very difficult to spend time in such a small room -- about 50 minutes.
They report to us that now the rooms are full and that is why some of the adults (10%) are kept out of them.
Only one window is operating at the exit.
We go down into the sleeveinfo-icon and see a stream of people leaving quickly -- 30 in five minutes. The women tell us that all of them were put into the rooms but since one of those in charge of the CP was in the passage, the stay in the rooms was very short.
06:20 - Those who arrive at the CP gate enter immediately. Those leaving report that they had to stay in the CP for 30 to 40 minutes.
The conditions of leaving the CP are not uniform. Apparently the person who is in charge has gone away. A young woman worker, about 25 years old, is detained at the CP every day with the excuse that her permit is not valid and she has to clarify it at the DCO. Shd did appeal to the DCO several times and there they tell her that "everything is in order and there is no problem" and they will confirm this to the CP. But apparently the report has not reached the CP. She is still detained every morning and because of her all her colleagues are late to work.

In the vehicle CP, four cars are being inspected in both directions. In the closed compound trucks with goods are being inspected.
06:45 - About 30 people are waiting in the upper parking lot for a ride to work. Some of them came in a taxi at six o'clock; they went through the CP but the taxis have not yet gone through the inspection.

Shaked CP   07:00
The gate is open and all the people on the side of the West Bank have entered and are waiting near the turnstile. But some of them were turned back. Almost all the people who come from the West Bank go through inspection (except for one old woman, the children, and the herds). The passage is quick -- 2 minutes.
Most of the workers from the seamline zone do not go through the inspection room. Vehicles go through in both directions. The passage is quick. All those going through today are pleased.

Reihan CP   07:40
The people who come to the main gate of the CP enter immediately. They leave the CP within ten minutes.
Seven pickup tucks with goods are waiting in the parking lot for inspection. The drivers tell us that the market in Barta'a is not making any money and there are even problems with selling eggs. Passenger cars from the West Bank to the seamline zone are inspected in 15 minutes.
The bus and the taxis from Barta'a with their passengers are inspected in 15 minutes.
By contrast the pickup trucks that entered inspection at 06:00 are released at 08:00!