Beit Iba, Sun 22.6.08, Afternoon

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Aliyah S, Alix W. (reporting)

Beit Iba,
14:35 Sara

We drove up to Sara to see if the “barrier” was removed, as it was
reported in the newspaper today that more barriers were removed from
the West Bank. The huge mound of earth blocking the village of Sara
was still there.

14:50 Beit Iba

Seems quiet, there is not much commotion as we approach, there are no vehicles
waiting to enter, and none coming out of Nablus.

There are 3 detaineesinfo-icon, and within 10 minutes another one joins
them. We cannot get information about the detainees, and from where we
stand we can barely see them let alone talk to them. There are not many people at the checkpoint, about 6 men at each
turnstile, and actually more in the “fast” lane. There is a female
soldier who comes over to make order and she is telling the women to go
back, with hand movements and calling "back, back". After she has
the women back behind the point that seems to be the proper place to
stand as far as the soldier is concerned, she leaves for the vehicles
checkpoint. Then another soldier comes over, and with hand
movements in the opposite direction, calls for the women to "come,

We find out from the DCO that the young men being held have another 2
½ hours, they are being checked and they were found trying to get
through the checkpoint from fields around.__._,_.___