Beit Iba, Thu 3.7.08, Morning

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Esti V., Nina S. Translator: Charles K.


:   08:15 – Beit Iba

A line of about 8 vehicles are exiting.  Taxis drop off all the young men so they can be checked as pedestrians and continue empty into Nablus.  The girls remain in the taxis and go through the checkpoint with them.


Few people leaving Nablus, but there's a line entering all the time, fluctuating in length.  The soldier carries out the check quickly.  Women and children usually enter without being checked.


A bus full of children exits and has to wait 15 minutes until they finish checking the driver, or the purpose of the trip.  In the meantime no car can leave Nablus and the exit line lengthens.


Hand-carts are checked off to the side.


A truck full of sacks of some kind waited about 30 minutes until being allowed to leave Nablus; at least it was moved over to the side after a few minutes so that it wouldn't interfere with checking other exiting vehicles.


A pick-up truck full of cooking gas containers is sent to be checked by the dog.

 A man asks us for help.  His 17-year old son was arrested yesterday, he doesn't know why.  The DCO representative notified the parents in the evening that the son is at Huwwara, and now they don't know what to do.  After investigating we found out that the son had already been transferred to the jail in Petah Tiqva, and will apparently be tried.  We gave details to HaMoked – Center for the Defense of the Individual and will try to help with a lawyer.  The father earns NIS 1300 a month and supports nine people