Beit Iba, Jit, Qalqiliya, Wed 2.7.08, Afternoon

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Sarah F., Dalia G. Natanya translating.
. 14.15 Qalqiliya.  No line of cars and the movement is steady but at the exit is a long line. A taxi driver complained that the soldier standing at the exit was to blame. Every car which goes over the marked line is sent back to the beginning of the queue. We went to see but when we got there the traffic was moving at the rate of half a minute a car.  We went on to Beit IbaJit was not manned

Beit Iba

. No line of cars at the entrance. One detainee waiting for a police jeep which was to take him to the
army unit in Hawarra. Tomer said he was being taken because of the last numbers of his ID and maybe that was so. Pedestrians pass quickly. Two turnstiles at work and the shed is almost empty and also the humanitarian line. The soldiers are pleasant. A bus arrives at the checkpoint. 2 soldiers get in and then it is sent on its way. A boy of about 9 comes to the humanitarian line as he wants to go to his uncle who lives not far away but because he has no adult with him he is sent back to Nablus.

15.45 The jeep comes to take the detainee who is handcuffed and blindfolded although up to now this has not been so…,but to take him by jeep this is done. We leave for 'Anabta.