Beit Iba, Jit, Mon 7.7.08, Morning

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Nina S., Roni S. (reporting) Translator: Judith G.



Jit unmanned

07:30 Beit Iba

Very few vehicles at the entrance and the exit.
 Pedestrian checkpoint:  At the entrance, women pass through with no line or inspection;  adult men also go through quickly.  Young men are checked by two soldiers against lists.  From time to time, their IDs are checked on the computer and they have to wait on the side for a few minutes. Also at the exit, women and adult men go through the humanitarian line very quickly.  The young men go through the magnometer without any delays.  There is one detainee and Tomer is taking care of him. The soldiers are polite and Tomer wanders around the area solving problems. The drivers report about very long lines at 'Anabta.  So, at 8:20, we leave Beit Iba in the direction of 'Anabta.