Awarta, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 26.6.08, Morning

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Rachel A., Moran A.

Translation: Tal H.



6:46 - Shaar Shomron Crossing

Police car and 2-3policemen at the barrier.

On the way we saw something that looks like the inside of a construction on the slope of Barkan Industrial Zone - are they possibly expanding it?

7:00 - Marda - the entrance is open, and Zeita village, as usual, is blocked off the highway by concrete slabs.

7:05 Za'tara/Tapuach Junction -
Coming from Ariel, no waiting cars. From Huwwara, however, there are about 40 cars waiting to be checked, and although all three lanes are open when we arrive and the rate of passage is 'reasonable', it seems that the soldiers are not up to handling the full pressure. There are only about 5 soldiers at the checkpoint including the sniffer-dog trainer. As we watch we notice that one of the lanes is repeatedly closed. At the center of the roundabout, a soldier stands guard over the Menorah stationed in the middle of the junction.  After a while the commander approaches us. The soldiers are reservists, and he tells us that some of them have a sports day today, that's why so few man the checkpoint. Interesting: reservists are sent off to have a sports day, while such activity worsens the pressure at the checkpoint.

7:30 - we leave for Huwwara, there are still about 40 cars at a time, waiting to be checked.

7:40 Huwwara

The taxi park is nearly full, few pedestrians exiting Nablus.

8:22 - Awarta

At the wares terminal, back-to-back transports are conducted as we arrive.

There is no waiting line of trucks in either direction. G. A.A. says only our shift and that of Nava E. arrive at that checkpoint lately.

8:34 Beit Furiak

The approach road to the checkpoint from the village is nearly empty, 4 cars stand in line and are passed quickly. The taxi drivers tell us the checkpoint "has been working well" this past week. They also say that the rise in fuel prices has damaged their livelihood. They actually work nearly just enough to buy fuel. The checkpoint itself is almost empty, a trickle of pedestrians.

9:44 - Za'tara/Tapuach Junction on our way back - no more cars waiting in line.

9:50 - Marda and Zeita, as on our way there.