'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Azzun, Jit, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Wed 16.7.08, Afternoon

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Sarah P., Tammie C., a guest from America and Nadim, Natanya translating.

14.25 We got close to the checkpoint at Qalqiliya and were there for some minutes.
The parking lot was full and there was much traffic but cars going into the city moved slowly.

Azun was open and Jie was open and lonely.
At Anabta at 16.20 Young soldiers are present and the checker at the entrance greets us and with that his job ended. The line of those entering was not long and a taxi full of women and children waited for their IDs to be checked.
An attempt to communicate with the unit failed (the continuation from Ar-Ras) a captain G. (I hope that is his name)  knew nothing of Machsomwatch and wanted to know more  but a soldier with a very definite opinion interfered,  complained that we were interfering with their work and showed us the letter from the Ariel police of 2004 forbidding us to stand at the checkpoint. I did not want to go on with this stupid conversation especially as he claimed that I was endangering his life as the man who was supposed to guard him was chatting with me and not doing his job.

16:50 The lower gate to Jubara is open. At the children's gate is a detainee and 21 cars. The soldiers are new and rather confused.

17:20 Ar-Ras  The commander, A.  and three soldiers are checking calmly the cars entering. Sarah speaks to the captain and another soldier who are very convinced of the importance of the inner checkpoints. Maybe a few study days would help. Here also I did not manage to contact the unit or the brigade about the car that was detained. One hopes that they had already passed.

We went back along the wonderful way past Azun and Qalqiiya.