Bethlehem, Thu 10.7.08, Morning

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Rachel F., Nora B. (reporting), Rama Y.(Journalist)

 5:30 AM, Rachel Crossing, Palestinian Side: Hundreds of people are waiting in the street, which leads to the checkpoint. The checkpoint is not open yet. After a few minutes, it did open, but the line advance very, very slowly, and not continuously. People jump over the fence, putting in danger their  body, and their papers, if caught jumping by the soldiers. 

When we leave at about 6:10, the line has advanced very little. As someone told us, the most difficult part of an 8 hours working day at building, with this heat, are the hours spent at the checkpoint.


 6:35 AM, Rachel Crossing, The Israeli Side: There are 4 boots open . No waiting lines at all, as though we were at the Ben Gurion airport on a Friday night.


What we do not see from here, we do see from there!