'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Mon 14.7.08, Morning

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Roni Sh., Osnat R. (reporting), Translation: Galia S.


Habla north


06:40 – The Agricultural Gate is closed. According to the IDF Humanitarian Center, the gate is open between 07:20 and 08:50.


Eliyahu Gate


06:50 – We have been watching a few workers. Every worker approaches the soldier who makes sure that the worker has an ID card and checks his bags. Then the worker moves to the inspection post itself where all his documents are checked.




06:55 – Fifteen vehicles are at the exit. No line at the entrance. The passengers of each car are taken out and asked to stand aside. Then the vehicle and its contents are checked and when the check is over, the people are allowed to get back in and go on their way. ID cards are not checked. On the other hand, pedestrians aren't checked at all.


07:07 – The end of the line cannot be seen and it seems as if the soldiers slow the check down because of us. We have talked to the IDF Humanitarian Center. A taxi in which 3 older women are sitting is also required to go through same senseless procedure.


07:15 – People start losing their temper and blow the horns. It has taken 25 minutes for 10 cars to pass, according to our measuring. We call the IDF Humanitarian Center again.


07:30 – They are starting to let all the vehicles pass without any stopping or checking.


07:35 – In the line there are now 10 vehicles left.


On the way to our car we hear from a taxi driver that before we came there had been no line and that the soldiers had done it on purpose. We meet two drivers who had been detained and their ID cards have been taken – a punitive action for jumping the line. Hearing this, we go back to ask what is going on, and when the soldiers see us coming back, they call the drivers to come and get back their documents.




10:10 – We have been waiting for the key for 15 minutes owing to the fact that a new company is manning the checkpoint. When we got back here, the new local company commander came to open the gate. He had met with Hannah B. while he was studying. He had also given his cell phone number to make calls if necessary.




10:30 – No lines. However, vehicles that enter Tulkarm are checked, too.