'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Qalqiliya, Tue 8.7.08, Morning

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Nadim H. (driver), Avital C., Hannah A. (reporting), Translation: Galia S.




07:10 – (Before getting there we saw tens of Palestinian workers crowded round the fence of Eliyahu Passage waiting to enter to start their work in the settlements.)

Qalqiliya checkpoint is manned by reservists. The inspection procedure is as follows: An entering car waits at a distance of about 15 meters near an invisible line which seems to be known to the drivers. The soldiers cast a cursory glance into the car and then it continues on its way. On the way out of the city the procedure is similar. There are no waiting cars. One of the soldiers approaches us and asks who we are and whether we have come to check on them. He points out that they are reservists and that there are no problems.

A convoy of army vehicles leaves the city and people say that the Israeli army was engaged in activities in the city since 01:00 a.m.




09:30 – Here, too, the soldiers are reservists. Some 12 cars are in line to leave Tulkarm. According to our measuring, it takes a car 8 minutes to leave from the moment it gets to the checkpoint. There are cars whose passengers are asked to show ID cards, while other cars pass and the soldiers make do with a cursory glance at them. On the roadside near the checkpoint, Avital has found a Blue and White leaflet addressed to the soldiers [Blue and White is a movement of right wing women activists]. In that leaflet the women give the soldiers some advice how to handle the women of MachsomWatch when they get to the checkpoint. We have the leaflet with us.

09:44 – We leave. 

A new road has been paved from 557 to Saffarin (but Nadim says that the residents of Saffarin prefer to travel through Beit Lid because road 557 is longer).


While traveling, we see from the road that there are 2 cars at Ar-Ras.