'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Azzun, Jit, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Tue 15.7.08, Morning

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Observers: Ruthi C., Hannah A. (reporting), Translation: Galia S.


06:30 – At Eliyahu Passage tens of workers are waiting to enter in order to work in the Jewish settlements.




06:35 – When we arrive there are no cars waiting in any of the directions. However, even before we get close to the checkpoint, a taxi driver approaches us and says that yesterday when the MachsomWatch shift arrived, the soldiers started to slow the traffic. It seemed to him that the soldiers did it on purpose because MachsomWatch was there. We come closer to the inspection post making sure that we stand about 10 meters away from there, and, as a matter of fact, not long after that (at about 06:45) there is already a long line of cars waiting to leave Qalqiliya. A bus that comes close to the post stops and its driver goes to the soldiers with a package of ID cards in his hand. The passengers are told to get off the bus. All other cars have to wait after the bus until the inspection of the passengers is over.


We distance ourselves from there and the soldiers start to let cars pass making do with a quick glance inside.




07:02 – We leave the place and while driving report to G. at the IDF Humanitarian Center about the soldiers' conduct.


10:10 – On our way back we pass through Qalqiliya checkpoint again and we see a long line of cars dragging along at the entrance to the city.


07:10 – The exit to road 55 is open.


07:22 – The checkpoint at Jit junction in the southward direction of road 60 is manned, but in every direction of the junction there are some cars waiting.




08:47 – There are no lines at all. Although the vehicles that come from each direction slow down, there is no inspection of ID cards or other documents.




09:20 – Here, too, there are no lines. Cars that go into Tulkarm are not checked, while those that leave the city are.