Awarta, Beit Iba, Jit, Mon 28.7.08, Afternoon

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Observers: Yona A., Tamara H. Translator: Charles K.

  Beit Iba. We arrived at 15:00.

Halil met us and said that today they're not being allowed to bring merchandise through. 

We witnessed a mini-parliament composed of the porters, four donkeys and one officer smoking a cigarette – from a distance it all looked pastoral.

A young man came over to us complaining that the soldiers refused to let him take through cardboard boxes containing telephone transformers.  According to him, they usually let them go through without any problem.  This time they made him go to Awarta.


Women went through without being checked, but the documents of the men were sent over to the observation post to be authorized.

Few cars passed through, without undergoing any unusual checks.


We left at 16:30.


16:40  Jit intersection isn't manned.


This report will conclude with a sign we came upon:  Welcome to Shvut Ami.

Construction and settlement continues. 

The places are expanding.