Awarta, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 24.7.08, Morning

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Nava E. and Moran A. observing and reporting

Translatin: Ruth F.

6:42- BP soldiers were at Sha'ar Ha'shomron checkpoint

6:46-Marda- the road was open. Zeita- as usual the passage was blocked by cement bricks.

6:46 Za'tara/Tapouah -
The checkpoint from Ariel was empty. A bus was waiting at the parking lot, the passangers said they had been there for half an hour. We asked the commander who said that there was a reason why they are being detained and that he was waiting for the DCO's authorization. In the line from Huwwara there were about 8-10 vehicles, the soldier that manned the checkpoint were reserves from the air force. After a few minutes a soldier came to the bus and all the passengers went on to the "handing of the IDs ceremony". The bus was on it's way. 
7:07 Huwwara-
The parking lot was almost completely full. About 50 people were waiting in line from Nablus, waiting for their inspection. Two cars were at the checkpoint. Golani soldiers manned the checkpoint, they had arrived there for the first time on the previous day.

7:36 Awarta-
Five soldiers were at the checkpoint inspecting trucks. Those who stayed at the parking lot the whole time said that the soldiers had taken their IDs. We talked to the commander who said these were the orders he got. We asked that he check again and since it was extremely in out of the ordinary and we told him we would stop by again on our way back.

There were no trucks in the parking lot. 

7:40 Beit Furik-
18 vehicles were waiting in line. The drivers said they had been waiting for an hour. The commander claimed he didn't have enough soldiers- there was only one open vehicle lane. There were few pedestrians entering the city.

8:26 Awarta-
The IDs were given back to their owners. 3-4 trucks were at the checkpoint and two were transferring merchandise at the parking lot  in the "back to back" system.

 8:35 Huwwara-
Three cab drivers had been detained for half an hour. T. (DCO officer) said they had caused a traffic jam at the parking lot and since the army is in charge of that area as well they decided that instead of calling the police which would give them a ticket for 300 Shekels, they decided to detain them for three hours and on Thursday, which is a busy day, so that they learn their lesion.  The drivers had no idea what it was all about, they said there was no free space at the parking lot.

We must make inquiries as to the army's tendency to police the parking lot. If the army is in charge of that area then it must arrange better conditions for those passing. As for now they are detaining people who might be disturbing the rest, but are only doing so because of the regulations that the army itself had ordered.

9:05- From Huwwara to Za'tara/Tapouah- there were 14 vehicles in line

9:11- Marda and Zita- As it was before.