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Yael, Muhammad; Translator: Natanya

Route 60

The gatesinfo-icon to all the side roads are open, in front of the settlement of Kalickis  the army checksthe documents  of pedestrians climbing beyond the dirt embankment to the road


Nahal soldiers occupy all the positions along Shuhada Street and around the Cave of the Patriarchs. The city looks empty - souvenir shops for tourists are closed and there is almost no traffic on the streets.

We came to check the news published on Sunday by the Ma'an Agency regarding the attack on a Palestinian girl from the Abu Hamshiyye family by settlers.

The Abu Hamshiyye family lives up the street leading to Tel Rumeida. Their house has long been exposed to settler attacks, so they built a metal cage over the yard, on which stones thrown at them can be seen. 

On Saturday, the Feast of Sacrifice, their young daughter (17) and their son (21) went out to the grocery store in Tel Rumeida while the young woman was carrying her one-year-old niece by her hands.  Young settlers came down from Tel Rumeida  and began to harass her.  Someone pulled her hair and according to her tried to grab the babyinfo-icon from her. She shouted and her brother come to her aid  but  in the meantime more young Jews, several dozen in number, joined in the fight. The soldiers came and tried to calm both sides and one soldier especially tried to help the two young Palestinians to get away.

Their  parents came out to them and tried to get them home, but were  also beaten.  Aimed, the father, who videoed the incident, was also beaten and his camerainfo-icon  broken by the settlers (we saw it).   The soldiers tried  to calm both sides  and separate the hawks and especially one soldier tried to help  the two young Palestinians trying to  flee below. The parents went out to them to  try to get  them home  but were also beaten. 

The young mother and her brother were  taken to the Kiryat Arba police station accompanied by  the cheers and applause of the settlers. The settlers filed a complaint with the police, as did the Palestinian family. The documentation of the security cameras from the place confirms the version of the members of the Abu Hamshiyye family. The soldier who assisted them was sent to another position.

The story of the brawl between the young people and the punishment of the soldier who had tried to  help the Palestinians was verified by one of the Palestinians who guard Hebron.

We fled from this difficult city to Halhul. At the junction of the school for girls (Shuyukh - Sair ), the gates to the two towns are open and there is no military presence. The vines are in bloom and along the road buyers and sellers of sabras and green grapes.