'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Tue 12.8.08, Afternoon

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Amit Y., Yael S. (reporting), Odelia L. (guest). Translation, Deborah J.
    13:45  Jubara

The gate to the village was opened for us without problems, and our presence was superfluous. We went by the Schoolchildrens’ Gate – no special instances there. 

14:00 Ar-Ras

Sparse vehicle traffic in both directions.The checkpoint from the direction of Qalqilya isn’t staffed by soldiers today. Amit asked the checkpoint commander why there are no soldiers assigned to staff the CP? The reply: “Just because.” 14:15 – we leave.

At the Schoolchildren’s Gate:

A Palestinian man is detained. He doesn’t have an ID card and hasn’t memorized the number. I (Y.S.) gave him my mobile phone so he could phone and at least get the number. We wrote down the number and gave it to the soldiers; we hope that this will help him. 

Te’enim Crossing

Five cars are waiting at the crossing to Israel.

14:40  Anabta

Nine cars at the entrance to Tulkarm.Five cars at the exit from Tulkarm.As we approach the checkpoint, we’re met by a number of soldiers who instruct us to stand at the other side of the CP (by the cars exiting Tulkarm). An argument develops, and the inspection of vehicles is stopped. We go to the place we were told, and inspections resume. The CP commander tries to calm his soldiers down and to explain his position to us. 14:55

Only a sampling of vehicles are inspected. 


10 cars are waiting at the exit from Tulkarm.An IDF Jeep arrives and parks at the side of the checkpoint. Two of its passengers, in civilian garb, approach us and tell us that they’re reserve soldiers who have come to check out the situation on the line before they go for their reserve duty.They come back to us bringing bottles of water.

After a while, we see that young men who cross the CP are sent to the Jeep for “talks.”