Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Tue 9.9.08, Afternoon

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Miriam S., Yehudiet L. (reporting)

Natanya translating.

Today we met Moaid at the checkpoint.
He said that on Thursday 4.9.2008 at about 24.00 his pregnant wife had pains in her stomach. She was in her 7th month. She was bleeding.
There is no ambulance in the village of Kusra (next to Migdaliem). He called his brother who has a car and they went to the hospital in Nablus.
When they got to the checkpoint of Huwwara they saw a group of soldiers behind the building which is called the humanitarian post.
A soldier came after some time and he asked him to allow them to pass the checkpoint so as to take his wife to the hospital as she was bleeding. The soldier said that he had to ask the captain and it was 25 minutes before the captain came and said that they needed a permit.
M. asked from where he was supposed to bring a permit at such an hour. He suggested that he take his work permit or his ID or anything else that he wanted and just to let him go through." 
He called an ambulance but when it arrived the babyinfo-icon started to come out. Everywhere there was blood and the father saw that the child was dead. There was nothing to be done when the ambulance came.
The next day the father returned from Nablus with the child in a cardboard box. When he came to the checkpoint the soldier asked what was in the box, The father said, "A dead child.".
The soldier called his friend and asked if he wanted to see a dead child in a cardboard box.
The father told them that the child was dead because of them.
M. speaks a good Hebrew which he learned from his employer in Baka'a. He has a work permit and work. He learned social work for 4 years at the university of El Kuds in Nablus. He said to us, "I was taught to help others. No one helped me."He has a child of nearly two who was born in the 7th month. He intends to make a complaint. We put him in touch with "Yesh Din." and called Raya Y. about this. He is worried that if he makes a report and the matter becomes public he will be made to suffer. Miriam spoke to the commander who said that he had had no report about this incident.
14.02 Marda Both gatesinfo-icon are open. Zeia the entrance has been closed for quite a while.

14.08 Za'tara. No cars waiting.
14.21 Beit Furik.
Pedestrians coming from Nablus have to show IDs. And also those entering. There is no pressure.
15.03 Huwwara.
A detainee who had tried not to take his parcels to the x-ray machine detained in the isolation since 14.50 . Some time after we came he was freed.
A group of Scottish tourists tell the commander what they think about the checkpoint. 
3 checking areas and the x-ray machine for the young and a side line for women and the elderly.
There is a vehicle for x-raying parcels. No pressure in the car line. The soldier allowed Israeli cars to go in with no problems, We cannot see how many cars are waiting at the exit.
There is a representative of the DCO.
16.20 A detained man in the isolation. He is the owner of a garage in Awarta who went with the Israeli owner of a car to check it out and was caught by a patrol. The Israeli has been freed but he is still in the isolation. The commander says that if he tried to slip through he is a transgressor.  Freed at 16.49

17.05 Huwwara the village, 
An army jeep in the centre of the village across the road and it is impossible to pass.
17.09 Za'tara.
10 cars wait from the north, i.e. from Nablus and Huwwara. 2 checking areas. The western car lane is empty.