Awarta, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Sun 24.8.08, Morning

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Yael B. and Diza Y. (Reporting)

Translation: Ruth F.

7:30 Za'tara:
There were no vehicles from the west, but 46, if not more, were heading towards the checkpoint from the north.

8:00 Beit Furik:
Three cars were waiting. There were no pedestrians at the checkpoint, but some were walking towards it.

8:10 Awarta: There were 3 trucks at the entrance and about 20 at the exit.

8:20 Huwwara:
Many people were walking to Nablus, there was a bit of a delay at the turnstiles.
About 50 people were at the checkpoint. It was quiet.

8:25 - We found out there were two detaineesinfo-icon at the cell. According to A', the DCO representative, they had been taking in 10 minutes before hand.

8:45 - We came to speak with the checkpoint commander about the detainees, but learned that they had already been released when we didn't notice. The X-ray machine wasn't working.
No vehicles were heading out of Nablus, from time to time a car was making its way inside the city.

9:00 - We left.

9:30 Za'tara: There were 26 vehicles from the north and 6 from the west.