'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Azzun, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Wed 10.9.08, Afternoon

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Tami C., Dalia G. Young journalist from Germany – Alina, Trans.: Miriam V

14.20 Area of Qalqiliya

We entered a path through one of the fields (El Paradiso) and arrived at the gate of the fence. This gate is opened three times a day, for one hour, each time. The opening hours are marked on the gate. This gate serves the
inhabitants of  occupied Habla. This is their land, and source of income.
We entered the next field and asked how do they reach their fields
and also from where they come. The young man, we asked, told us that he
lives in Qalqiliya, and that he has a special permit which enables him to drive from the checkpoint till the field. He showed me the permit  which enables him to travel only on the specific stretch of road – to work and back
The main road (55) is only for the Jews and for those Arabs who have the special permit.
We continued on our way. We stopped at a wall behind which we saw the lower road, which passes under the main road on which we were, meant for the Palestinians,  leading from Habla to Qalqiliya.
Checkpoint Qalqiliya  is practically empty. (The town has 45.000 residents – as many as the town of Tiberias) yet no one is coming or going.
We stopped asking why. The soldiers are not interested. We continue on our way.
Azun – is open Also here we saw a lower road for the Palestinians which stretches from Azun through to Arras and Tulkarm.

16.15 Anabta

Hardly any traffic. Cars are delayed beside the tower. Tami goes to find out what is happening. The driver says that the woman in the car is ill and that the soldier does not allow her through.
Tami goes up to the soldier and asks if he heard about what happened two days earlier in Huwwara – when a soldier did not let a pregnant women through to the hospital, and the babyinfo-icon died.
His answer – No, he had not heard. Tami comes to take the phone and when she returns, the soldiers are running towards her in panic:  Don’t come any closer. You are not allowed to be here. Stay beside your car. Yet when the see Tami phoning the commanders, they let the car through immediately …
Again no traffic, and we leave in the direction of  Jubara and Arras.
On the way from Anabta close to Jubara, we can see (from the South) Checkpoint Arras and the road which leads from there, under the main road on which we were, to Tulkarm.
We continue on the main road. We pass through the Checkpoint Hateanim till we reach the gate of Jubara.
A soldier comes to open the gate and holds a flag of “Women in Blue and White” (so that we shall see and worry).

17.00 Arras
Completely empty. A soldier asks Tami “Why weren’t  you here last week?”
He remembers us from the previous times we had been there, and is friendly. After a conversation about the weather and the view, we leave.
Alina, journalist visitor is impressed by the sight of the low roads for the Palestinians, and the impressive large roads built for the Jews. It is indeed impressive.