Beit Iba, Wed 1.10.08, Afternoon

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Mil’at S., Ma’ayan, Efrat, Karin L. (reporting) Translator: Charles K.
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

16:50  Beit Iba
Before we even had a chance to park, three men came over to us (drivers?) and said there’s nothing to do in Beit Iba, but there are serious problems in Einav.
After we parked other people also told us the same thing.  Nevertheless, we went over to the checkpoint.  About 20 people in the shed.  One by one they pass through the single inspection lane, with no delays.  From time to time a car goes through.  We left for Anabta.

17:00  On the way to Anabta, Yehudit Levin told us that Nadim informed her that there are serious problems and long lines there.  She also told Tami Cohen, whose dealing with it.