Awarta, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Sun 14.9.08, Morning

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Edna L. and Diza Y. (reporting)

Translation: Hanna K.

07:40 Za'tara:
3 cars coming from the west, 25 in the queue of cars coming from the north.

07:55 Beit Furik:
There are no people at the CP. There is one car being checked and another is waiting.

08:00 Awarta:
There are three cars at the exit from the village, and no trucks at the entrance.

08:10 Huwwara:
The parking lot is crowded and lively. At the CP the usual routine: The magnometer is deafening, there is an x-ray machine for screening objects, belts are being removed and put on again on leaving the turnstiles. There are about 40-50 people in the queue. From time to time a car headed for Nablus gushes forth. The passengers papers are checked manually. A bus arrives - only the driver's papers are being checked.
08:20 There is pressure on the turnstiles for people entering Nablus. There are women and men in one queue, they take care that the women stand on one side of the passage and the men on the other. We approach the CP commander, a captain, with the request to enable part of the people entering Nablus to pass to the left of the CP - he refuses, and when we claim that some commanders do it when there is much pressure he reacts by saying: not when I'm on duty. But it has to be pointed out that later in our shift, this very commander allowed a driver who transported an invalid who wasn't able to walk, not even with crutches, to enter Nablus, although the driver's vehicle didn't have an authorization. We commended this action to the commanded, and a conversation ensued in which he claimed that the soldiers, when they see us, treat the Palestinians badly on purpose.
08:40 There are 6 vehicles at the entrance to Nablus. Taxis which leave the parking lot block their way. The commander goes up to there, probably with the intention of putting things in order, and after a short while he returns to the CP and the cars heading for Nablus pass.
A Palestinian whom we asked what the commander was doing near the parking lot, tell us about his suffering, in fact the suffering of the Palestinian people, He wants to pray during the holidays at the Temple Mount, but he doesn't get a permission to do so because he is not yet 50 years old.
09:10 There are about 20 people at the turnstiles. The pedestrians' queue to Nablus has become empty.
09:30  We left the CP with the intention of passing at Aassira al Qabilia, but because the Palestinian villages are not marked, we didn't arrive there.
We drove on the Yitzhar road, the road is almost empty, at the Jit junction there are two military jeeps, there is not Palestinian car.