Awarta, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Sun 7.9.08, Morning

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Edna L. and Ditza Y., reporting.

Translation: Hanna K.

07:15 Za'tara - There are no cars from both directions

07:30 Beit Furik
There is no traffic, neither of people nor of vehicles. While we were lingering at the "café"  a few people were walking in the direction of the CP.
We are being told that during the Ramadan month this year the clock is put backwards by an hour, that is to say according to their time it is now 06:30, the people who set out to work left earlier, and those going to studies will arrive later.
On our way to Huwwara, about 3 kms east of Beit Furik, we discern a military hammer which is parked with its front towards the road. It seems to be waiting to catch "gate-crashers" who dared to go on the Madison road.

07:50 Awarta: There is a small number of trucks in both directions.

08:00 Huwwara:
Of the taxi parking lot, which usually is crowded, there is about a third empty but all the same the place is lively, in spite of the fact that the stalls are empty because of the holidays.
There are about 30 people at the turnstiles. There are two checking posts. Many young girls pass at the humanitarian queue, it turns out that those are schoolteachers on their way to the schools.
People with bags in their hands leave the queue  before going through the turnstiles  for X-Ray checking.
The belt-routine, the ear-deafening magnometer - everything as usual. A few young men stand near the former detaineesinfo-icon' shed. A soldier who is checking the vehicles entering Nablus objects to this for some reason and he shouts at them with a wave of his hand to signal that they should remove themselves: away with you! When I ask him why they can't stand there his reaction is: What is it to you? When I reply that when I ask it means that I'm concerned about it he replies: from me you won't get an answer. He drives away another group of young people who stand in the shade. We approach the CP commander B. who listens to us and then talks to him.
08:55 There are about 20 people at the CP. The pedestrian traffic to Nablus is sparse.
09:00 We leave the CP.

On our way back: At Za'tara there are no vehicles coming from the north, 5 standing in the queue eastwards.