Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Tue 16.9.08, Morning

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Michal Z., Hagit B. (reports)
Seriously? Does this make us safer?


Maitar- Sansana CP  7:10 (6:10 according to Palestinian clock) no workers in the CP. Many cars are waiting in the parking lot at the Israeli side for the workers to come. We went inside to look at the checking machine that frightens the Palestinians. The whole body checking machine is operated only for those who were caught at the regular machine, about 1-2 people a day.

Road 35
According to Efrat Weiss's report in Ynet 11.9.08: IDF has opened Halhul bridge connecting Hebron and the way to Tarqumiya for Palestinian tracks as part of the concession for the civilians. We went to check the report and found out that a new pass to Hebron was opened (MAAVAR HA ZAIT) for tracks only, and Halhul bridge was completely blocked: (8.00AM) 150 cars waiting to get into Hebron and about 50 cars waiting to get out of Hebron. Only 2 soldiers are checking each car very carefully as there had been an alarm about kidnapping a civilian in Tel Aviv.
Soldiers of GOLANY join the soldiers on the bridge and eventually the army discovered the truth behind the rumor of kidnap and the bridge was reopened. 

The disputed house – 2 soldiers guards the place, one on the roof and the other at the entrance. Cameras were put on the roof constantly watched by a settler.
The pass between H2 zone to H1 zone was changed – concrete blocks were put along the road and in its middle so as to let only pedestrians to pass.
Pharmacy CP – Children and few grown ups pass smoothly.
Abraham's Cave – No detaineesinfo-icon were watched.
Shuahda St. – Several more concrete blockades were added on each one a soldier was posted.
Tarpat CP – TIP guards and international volunteers were there, we climbed up towards Tel Rumaida.
Tel Rumaida – The children approach the soldiers with open begs, ready to be checked. The bigger children are asked to turn around with their shirts lifted up.
9.30 – no one was left to be checked, we also left.