Beit Iba, Shave Shomron, Wed 15.10.08, Morning

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Edna K., Hannah A. (reporting) Chana S. translating
     Beit Iba, Shavei Shomron

06:20  Maavar Eliyahu.  Palestinians crowd together under the shed for protection against the driving rain.  Three Palestinians whwho bypassed the queue are sent back by the soldiers. O6:40 Shvut Ami Bet is empty.  There are remains of improvised buildings, although one blue tent is still there.


Beit Iba.  No queues either to enter or exit Nablus.  Two posts for those exiting.  One is for young men who are told loudly by a woman soldier inside the building to empty pockets, remove shoes and belts. The other gate is for "senior"  men, and women.  Women pass without checking but they are all used to being checked and wait for the signal to advance.
We left for Shavei Shomron to see if the checkpoint has resumed functioning.  At the entrance there was a manned position, but cars travel freely in both directions on route 60.  We continued a bit.  People we met on the way told us that the "iron hand" closes the road from 6 p.m. till morning.  One person we met lives in the Jenin area and works in Dir Sharaf.  Just to think what a long complicated route he has to travel to get to work and back, when the road is blocked to Palestinians…!
We returned to Beit Iba.  Meanwhile a representative of the DCO has come. In answer to our question, soldiers said that the checkpoint at Shavei Shomron was closed because of  pipe bombs caught at Beit Iba.