Azzun, Beit Iba, Jit, Mon 20.10.08, Afternoon

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Bilha A. Elisheva A.; Natanya translating

Beit Iba

A taxi driver explained to Bilha another reason for the vulgar behaviour of the soldiers at the checkpoint. "They see tons of students going back to university and they are jealous."  What a human point of view he still has after 6 years at the checkpoints.

14.20  The checkpoint is quiet. Closureinfo-icon. The pedestrians entering Nablus are not checked. Cars also are only stopped for the soldier to see the driver but no checking. Buses are checked without the passengers having to alight.  The young people have IDs taken and checked quickly. As opposed to other days we see two cases in which young people taken older people through the fast lane are allowed. There is of course the other option of returning the young people to the usual line but this time the more sensible way is adopted.
At the crossroads of Jit is a military vehicle. Cars coming from the east are checked.

At the area of Qedumim military cars on both sides of the road. Later we saw people with full sacks on the side of the road and supposed that this time the soldiers who usually protect the settlers are protecting the olive pickers.

is again blocked with high dirt mounds.