Hamra, Tayasir, Thu 23.10.08, Morning

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Annina and Yehudit
Translation: Devorah K.

0735  Tyasir CP
Pupils standing on the road who are waiting for their rides to school, wave to us. A few cars arrive from the direction of Tyasir and some from the opposite direction. A soldier approaches to check up on us the minute we arrive. Who are these women? When he saw our tags, he said,"Have a good day," and went back to his post like somebody who does not want any relationship with us. There was no traffic at all until 0800.

0825 Hamra CP
Eight cars with passengers are waiting on the eastern side; they go through quickly with almost no inspection. More cars arrive every few minutes and the passage is efficient and quick. On the other side all the cars are inspected very carefully. The drivers open all the doors and the cap of the motor, and then they go through. All the passengers go through the CP via the turnstiles. They buckle their belts as they exit.
Between the lanes they have added a high wall.

A car with  cardboard boxes arrives at the CP and the driver has to take out all the boxes that the soldier points to and put them on the ground. He also goes through after a few minutes.
A woman approaches us and introduces herself. H.B. tells us that the father of her daughters is a Bedoui from the Beer Sheba area. She spoke to us telling us something for about fifteen minutes, but we did not succeed in understanding what she was saying. She travels to Jericho and from there to Jerusalem. She phoned someone from my telephone so that he would have my number and could explain what she wanted. She wrote down the telephone number. So far we have not heard from that person.

We left at 0950 when the sky was dark gray. Later we heard that there was a heavy downpour in that area and if that rain will soak the thirsty ground, that is also a good thing.