'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Sun 12.10.08, Morning

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Chana, Yocheved

Translated by L.W.

05:50 Aanin Checkpoint 

On the way to the checkpoint we met people who have already gone through. The checkpoint opened at 05:30, and by 06:00 80 people had passed.

A DCO officer came to the checkpoint to see how it was functioning during the olive picking season. In his opinion, not all the residents know that it is now possible to cross every day. He emphasized that during picking season people who arrived late could also pass.

06:15 Reihan-Bartaa Checkpoint

Few waiting outside. Clearly they began to pass at 05:00, but many were still delayed inside. We descended to the terminal entrance and, as we thought, only one window was open, with a large line in front of it, and this was apparently the reason for the delay and considerable bitterness of people late for work. The women complained that they had to stand hours without moving, which caused back and leg ache. Many sounded very angry.

At 06:30 another window opened and the pace picked up.

At 06:50, more women came out, very late, and all rushing to their transportation.

06:50 – eleven vans wait in the lower parking lot for an inspection of agricultural cargo.

07:10 Shaked Checkpoint

People and vehicles passing in and out. Students and schoolchildren are not required to enter the inspection room, and pass freely. Our impression is that more people are crossing today than in the past. Here too an officer and a DCO representative came to check how the checkpoint was functioning, an they asked us if there were problems. We said that there were a lot of complaints that cars bringing students and schoolchildren were being delayed. The children and students were passing quickly, then waiting an hour till they could continue to Jenin. The officer promised to check and improve what he could.

07:40 Reihan Checkpoint

No vans have passed as yet, and already 13 are waiting. It becomes clear that inspection only begins today at 08:00. We asked why, because the routine was for a 07:00 start. The answer: “We know...”

08:15 – waiting time to cross for passenger cars is 25 minutes, buses too.