Al Nashshash, Beit Ummar, Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Wed 1.10.08, Morning

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Drora P., Ora A. (reporting). Yosef M


Bethlehem, el Nashash, DCO Etzion, Nebi Yunes, Wednesday, 1.10.08 am

Observers: Drora P., Ora A. (reporting)

Driving and helping:


07:50 Bethlehem Checkpoint

Closureinfo-icon because of Rosh Hashana, and quiet because of Eid el-Fitr. Outside, one car waiting. Inside, one position open and a soldier sleeping. He is awakened by an older man, church worker, who passes quickly.


08:10 El Nashash

Few cars, no pedestrians.


08:30 DCO Etzion

DCO closed. Two youngsters arrive, apparently not knowing that it will be closed. They complain to us, then return whence they came.


09:00 Nebi Yunes

Because of the holiday, little traffic. The fruit stalls, that were closed during Ramadan, have opened. We visited a family of old friends and brought them a present for the festival. We enjoyed the traditional hospitality.


Beit Omer

The grocery store iis open. Its owner has returned from her pilgrimage to Mecca, and looks happy.